Welcome to! As a subscriber/ user you have access to the iList platform as set forth in the below terms. iList in this agreement is referred to as iList LLC and or iList Tech. Subscriber is the user that created an account and can also be known as User. The services associated with iListTech are owned and operated by iList LLC, headquartered at 4616 Elm Bottom Circle, Aubrey, TX 76227.

iListTech Terms and conditions were updated on 09/1/2021. Ilist, LLC reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time.

By using these services, you acknowledge and agree to the terms, conditions, privacy policies, and restrictions as outlined in this Agreement. Your use of the service signifies that you accept the terms of this agreement.

iListTech provides a unique web-based platform with automated tools for subscribed real estate agents to engage sellers and connect them with buyer agents for the purpose of selling and buying real estate. iList provides home sellers with valuation tools, listing input automation as well as listing dashboards to manage the sale of their home. iList provides real estate agents representing buyers with dashboards designed to manage offers and share documents with listing agents and sellers.

Included with every subscription is base functionality that includes both Seller and Buyer Agent dashboards, as well as the full suite of Subscriber Console tools, including workflows and offer management. There are different service offerings available at additional cost depending on your business usage of the product suite. Costs of available features and options are presented to subscriber when those features and options are selected by the subscriber on the website. Billing history information is provided by the third party vendor for payment transactions. Rates are subject to change at the sole discretion of iList LLC. All subscribers will be notified in advance of any rate changes that may affect billing.

This agreement outlines the monthly charges associated with the service(s) you have chosen. All subscription services are billed on the first of each month.

With every subscription the subscriber is provided with the base package that includes both Seller and Buyer Agent dashboards, as well as the full suite of Subscriber Console tools, including workflows and offer management. The difference in the monthly subscription fees is determined by 1) whether you wish to subscribe for Leads, and the number of coverage areas you subscribe (if you select Platform with leads, you are provided two coverage areas by default), and 2) the number of Listing Agent users that will be using the system (one listing agent user is provided by default).


iListTech and iList logos and other iList trademarks, logos, services, etc. used in connection with iList are registered trademarks in the U.S, or on file to be registered trademarks in the U.S.


All materials (including source code, data, images, and other content), including the selection and arrangement of the materials, are owned by iList LLC or are licensed by iList for use in the iList application.

Coverage Areas / Leads

Seller leads may be provided on request to subscribers for an additional charge. The number of lead coverage areas and monthly costs will be included on billing reports.

iList makes no guarantee of leads or volume of leads based on county or counties selected. iList uses 3rd party vendors to supply leads to users and is not responsible for the data, accuracy of data and or how subscriber can or cannot use the data within local laws. Users are responsible for following local laws and guidelines and agrees to hold iList and or any team members, employees, managers, etc. harmless for any misuse of data.

Virtual Phone Number

Each subscriber has the option to use a virtual phone number. This will allow the subscriber and or affiliated users of the subscriber to make out going communication to leads, clients, others within the iList Platform as well as keep a history of calls and text responses within the subscriber dashboard. The Subscriber is responsible for the addition of this feature and for selecting the virtual number they desire to use. The cost for a virtual number may vary monthly depending on the subscriber, number and or other cost iList may incur. These charges will be reflected in the subscriber monthly billing. iList uses a third party to provide virtual numbers and other features noted above. iList is not responsible for any downtime, system delays, and or any other issues relating to services provided by third party providers.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation creates automated outreach based on Text, Email, Voicemail or a combination of the three. It is the subscriber’s and or any affiliated users of the subscriber’s sole responsibility to activate marketing automation and engage leads and or clients. It is also the subscriber’s sole responsibility to use marketing automation in such a way that is compliant with all local and federal laws and customs. iList Tech makes no representation as to compliance of local and federal laws and or customs through the use of iList technology used by the subscriber. In the event a subscriber does not follow local and federal laws and or local customs in the use of the iList technology, then the subscriber and or affiliated users of the subscriber, accept sole responsibility for any and all such actions that are not in compliance. The subscriber and or affiliated users of the subscriber agree to hold iList Tech and iList LLC harmless and all members of iList LLC and iList Tech harmless of any actions not in compliance with local or federal law or local customs. This applies to optn in messaging as well as the DNC lis; both remain sole responsibility of the user of the platfrom.

Listing Agent Users

The iListTech software provides the subscriber with the ability to create internal subscriber users to support various activities within the subscriber company for activities related to Administration of the site, sales support, marketing, and other roles as may be supported. Internal roles may be added by as needed by the subscribing company. Most roles can be added with no charge. Any charges that will be made to the subscriber for additional users will require approval by the subscriber at the time the role is added.

Stripe / Payments

iList uses a third-party vendor, Stripe, for all payment transactions. iList does not maintain payment information nor store payment/credit card information. For more information on Stripe , please visit

Additional Terms

All services are considered 30-day contracts and notice to cancellation or remove a service requires a 30-day notice. By agreeing to this User Agreement, you authorize iList to charge the card on file for all services selected and for all closings within the billing time frame. To cancel or change services, please email

In the event of a non-payment iList will attempt to charge the associated card again within a 48 hr period. If there are two consecutive unsuccessful payments, iList reserves the right to de-activate the site. De-activated sites will not be accessible by subscriber users or associated sellers or buyer agents.

Dispute Resolution

If a dispute arises between iList and the subscriber, then both parties agree to resolve their dispute using an experienced mediator.

Hold Harmless

Subscribers are encouraged to understand local and federal laws and customs relating to all data, tools, features contained in the iList platform. Subscribers are responsible for all interaction, communication, and actions through iList software made by the subscribers and or their subscriber users.

By using iList, or any sites affiliated with iList, subscriber acknowledges and agrees to the terms, conditions, privacy policies, and restrictions as outlined in this User License Agreement (“Agreement”) and within Terms and Conditions. User furthermore agrees to hold iList, including any and all iList managers, Owners, Contractors, employees, harmless of the actions, including but not limited to this agreement, caused by subscribers or affiliates of subscribers.